"80+ Dungeoneering Clan. Pm Bluest if Interested. :D"

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2Welcome to the Dungeonites clan page!

We are a clan focused around the skill of dungeoneering, we are open to do other clan events as the interest arise. Founded on the ideas of friendship, maturity, and fun-filled dungeoneering. Nothing is worse when your team rage-quits due to a series of unfortunate events! Citadel management is not a requirement but it is fun to run around and fight in a custom designed battlefield! Events are not mandated for attendance/involvement but it is recommended to join!

If you are interested in joining our clan the requirements are as following:
-Reasonable Combat
-80 Dungeoneering
-1000+ Total Level

Feel free to join the clan as a guest and find a team for a floor, all guests are expected to follow our clan rules. A brief explanation of our rules;  be nice, don't rage-quit, don't hog resources, don't excessively troll/flame others.

For more in-depth information go to our thread!
Quick-code: 288-289-399-64580621

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