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Echo of Silence is one of the oldest and most succesful in Runecape history, created in 2004. We have gone through history with an attitude of never backing down, and fighting even against insurmountable odds.
In the last 10 years we have truely broken through into the very top of the clan world, constantly competing at a top 5 level, beating every current top 5 clan multiple times and reaching #1 ourselves several times, being the only clan to acheive #1 with never pulling maxed (399) options, proving our claim that we prize quality and dedication above number.
Despite such a high drive for excellence, we still know how to have fun. We have if not the best, one of the best communities with a constant 30-40 people socalising daily even at the lowest peak times and during exam months. We play many other games together, have a laugh and look forward to your app.
Contact an official via runescape to find forums  if you are interested interested

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