Edge Eternal

Edge Eternal

"Help will always be given to those who deserve it! - Albus Dumbledore"

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Hello and Welcome to the Edge Eternal clan page.

Our clan is accepting everyone whether you are a skiller or a combatant. We will work together to become one of the greatest clans that exist and we welcome anyone who will work with us to achieve this.

Paradigm Challenge!

After your first week you will be informed of the honour of completeing our Paradigm Challenge.

Paradigms (Para-dimes)

Our clan uses Paradigms as a grouping system. There are leaders for each and these leaders are called Harbringers. There are four Paradigms!

1. Warriors
2. Scouts
3. Elders
4. Seers

Two big things with our rankings system are as follows.

1. There is a point system that runs through the Paradigms that not only benefits you but also the other members in your Paradigm!

2. For every 3 mill xp gained after joining the clan you get 1 rank.

Thanks and I hope to see you in the clan!

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