Edge of Reality

Edge of Reality

"All welcome to guest - ask in CC for an invite to clan or our discord server."

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Edge of Reality
Est. 14 - 8 - 2017
All welcome to guest


We are an international clan, with people from the UK, Europe and the US, busiest in the hours before in game reset. We have a tier 4 citadel, capping is not required. Our homeworld is 27 but you don't need to be on it. We have a clan discord server which everyone is welcome to join.

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SRAx2002 SRAx2002 Owner
oOáRawáOo oOáRawáOo General
lblblb53 lblblb53 General
Gorrdon00244 Gorrdon00244 Captain
MVPLloyd MVPLloyd Captain
SayRawrXD SayRawrXD Lieutenant
Eadon Eadon Lieutenant
FRIEZ-A FRIEZ-A Lieutenant
slutyávirgin slutyávirgin Lieutenant
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KingáHugo Edge of Reality - Social & PvM 22-Apr-2018 22:11
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