Elite Grind

Elite Grind

"Welcome to Elite Grind! :) 1,000+ Total Level to join. Clan is laid back. Enjoy!"

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Welcome to the clan of Elite Grind!. All Members are friendly, willing to help, total level1000+ to join. You can guest below that if you'd like. :) We will try to help you the best we can to get your total level up if you're not high enough to join. :) any other questions please pop in and have a chat with one of the guys...hope to see you soon! :)

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Crrry Crrry Owner
AdmiroMyPyro AdmiroMyPyro General
THCáandáEXP THCáandáEXP Sergeant
Thanex Thanex Corporal
Keyblader48 Keyblader48 Corporal
ConnoráSucks ConnoráSucks Corporal
Sarevok1 Sarevok1 Corporal
Dayjo0701 Dayjo0701 Recruit
E-l33t_Grind E-l33t_Grind Recruit
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Type Description World Date/Time
Special 86 01-Feb-17 23:00
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Author Thread Title Date
Proábethany **IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT** 05-Aug-2017 21:34
Recked Avatar use.. / requirements 06-Mar-2017 00:41
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