Empire of the East

Empire of the East

"They who act without sufficient thought will often fall into unsuspected danger."

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Remember those days where people constantly talked about Zezima? Where everyone hung out in the basement of the Blue Moon Inn? Where clan wars an essential part of your Runescaping experience? So do we!

Here it is! The first (and best) clan designed for maintaining a community of people who all share the common love of the '07 Runescape. No, not Runescape Classic, where you must be a member and start off from scratch, but rather a group of people partaking in endless activities in the normal Runescape game that relate to the good old days of Runescape. Did I mention everyone is welcome? No, you do not need to be a member. No, you do not need a certain combat level. We welcome anyone and everyone!

Rules: Like all clans, there are rules. Be sure to read them all!
1. Don't be afraid to talk in clan chat.
2. Saturday/Sunday clan meetings, try to make it.
3. Check our forums! Plenty of information for you to see!
4. Be tolerant to all!

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VisoáRak VisoáRak Lieutenant
Aohá23 Aohá23 Corporal
[#ZGZ6W7820] [#ZGZ6W7820] Corporal
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Estas122 Estas122 Recruit
MráValley MráValley Recruit
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