"Welcome to Envision. Leave your pants at the door."

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We are a clan that strives to provide a welcome and friendly community for fellow Scapers! Our purpose is to provide a place for Skillers, PvMers, Questers, and anyone else that meets our requirements, to have fun and reach their goals.

We will provide a variety of clan events such as: sinkholes, dungeoneering, Skill of the Week (SOTW) competitions, questing, and much more! Some of the PVM activities we do: GWD, GWD2, Corp, KK, Nex, Raids. Also, we have a clan Discord server for clanmates and friends :P

In Envision's citadel, capping is not mandatory, although it's much appreciated.
We currently have a tier 7 clan citadel with 3 clan avatars.

- A total level of 1700 (exceptions made for IM and HCIM accounts)
- If you're a Skiller below a combat level of 20, a total level of 900

Check out our Recruitment thread QFC: 288-289-34-65518773

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Whalie Whalie Coordinator
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