Equinox Imperium

Equinox Imperium

"Victory, Light and Vengeance - [Feel free to guest for any information!]"

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A newly-started, fresh clan lead by experienced players.

Citadel Tier 5


Combat level: 110+ OR Total Level: 1500+


1. Noob accounts belonging to already clan members.
2. Members who do not meet any of the requirements may be accepted under vouch of a high ranking clan member (admin+)

Our aims are:
- Create a tight-knit community where everyone knows each other personally and feels safe inside of the clan itself.
- Have regular events.
- We also offer a Discord server and are currently building a forum for all our members.

Feel free to guest in our chat, it's open!

You can also private Message:
- LynxCatcher [Owner)
- Scott1956 [Deputy]
-KellesBelle [Deputy]

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RealXxLOreo RealXxLOreo Owner
LegendáCK LegendáCK Admin
PhillySlays PhillySlays Admin
21savage22 21savage22 Sergeant
Ohmfgod Ohmfgod Sergeant
CluckYoBish CluckYoBish Sergeant
RoamingElf RoamingElf Sergeant
TwentySix TwentySix Sergeant
Ck595 Ck595 Sergeant
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