Eternal Soul

Eternal Soul

"A man is a god in a ruined state; what doesn't kill him makes him stronger."

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Eternal Soul is friendly PvM clan.  We put together teams for raids, Vorago, Rise of the Six, and Angel of Death. All members are welcome to PvM with other members whenever desired. Those who are not into the PvM aspect don't have to worry because members are not required to PvM, and we welcome players who enjoy skilling and other game content too. This clan is not just a PvM clan, but a community! It is not required to cap in the citadel just highly appreciated.

Feel free to join our clan chat as a guest. Everyone is welcome! Message us ingame if you have any questions.

We do have a Teamspeak server and Discord for clan news and updates.

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DIY Sidd DIY Sidd Owner
SoulSunn SoulSunn Overseer
M4C4 M4C4 Coordinator
Dreadlord175 Dreadlord175 Organiser
Essences Essences Organiser
SwordzmanáAz SwordzmanáAz General
[#9ANK9CBBU] [#9ANK9CBBU] Captain
KilláZone107 KilláZone107 Captain
Warrenko Warrenko Lieutenant
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