Ethereal Souls

Ethereal Souls

"Loyalty at our Core--Divine in our Spirits--Friendly & Fair ~Join us, today!"

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A clan for the clanless.

We are a very go with the flow, non-mandatory clan.
We do ask and appreciate a few things.

-Allowing the clan-chat to be a FRIENDLY environment
-CAPPING every week (if you so wish)
-Being ACTIVE in the clan and keeping the clan-chat clean

You won't meet a nicer group of people!

PM an Organiser+ if you have any questions--or go to the official Ethereal Souls Recruitment Thread! -- QFC For Official Jagex Forums:  87-88-39-66053275

We look forward to meeting you!

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birdie60 birdie60 Overseer
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Withstanding Withstanding Coordinator
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