Euphoric Serenity

Euphoric Serenity

"Limits are just perception. Break through these limits and strive for more!"

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Welcome to Euphoric Serenity! An Ironman community that welcomes all.

No requirements to join Euphoric Serenity. We envision a hybrid clan. Home to Ironmen/Women and Mainscapers alike. Perfect clan if you're looking to try out ironman (Although some of us are going for FB eventually and so we need help!)

Qualities of players in ES are such;

*Respectful and Mature
* Understands that life comes first.
* Shows integrity
* Honestly just a chill bunch

               Although we focus on Ironman we don't limit our clan to Ironman only, overall we look to create a fun and beneficial community for players to learn, grow, and create new experiences! We strive to make new friends, and have a dedicated clan that is worry free and most of all a place to hang out and have fun!

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Rafique Rafique Owner
IronáGarr IronáGarr Overseer
Dengwin Dengwin Overseer
LiláSlay LiláSlay Overseer
Naughteons Naughteons Coordinator
imsoygrin imsoygrin General
TienáShen TienáShen General
Ladysaxe Ladysaxe Lieutenant
ArkeyáZ ArkeyáZ Lieutenant
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FBáoráRIP Elusive Lottery 29-Dec-2014 04:38
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