Eye of Annakarl

Eye of Annakarl

"We're okay I guess. Based in 64/85"

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Hello and welcome to the Eye of Annakarl's clan page! We are a clan that is targeted toward mid to high leveled players who are interested in both skilling and PvM.

What we can offer:

Friendly, laid back atmosphere
Discord server
Ranking system based on xp gained
Non mandatory events
Weekly raffles for citadel capping

We thank you for your interest in our clan. Feel free to guest in the clan chat and say hello if you would like to meet us.

Fun fact: Annakarl was the name of a former Zarosian settlement that is now commonly known today as the demonic ruins in the wilderness.

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Top Clanmates

Odynzchyld Odynzchyld Owner
DeceasedáCap DeceasedáCap Captain
Whit38 Whit38 Captain
GetáToáFally GetáToáFally Sergeant
StopLoyalACE StopLoyalACE Sergeant
JellyxBelly JellyxBelly Sergeant
Ben_666 Ben_666 Corporal
Eros-Knight Eros-Knight Corporal
Shadowcon Shadowcon Corporal
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Clan Events
Type Description World Date/Time
Clan event - Clan Game 45 26-Jan-19 23:30
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Author Thread Title Date
Joedakiller Clan Rules 19-Apr-2018 04:14
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