Fairly Wrecked

Fairly Wrecked

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~~Welcome to the 'Fairly Wrecked' clan page!**

Once a wrecker, always a wrecker!
Once you have joined our clan, you will never forget us.;) Were that special!

We are a world 23 based social & community clan. If you like bossing, skilling or just being social this is the place for you!
 We like to pride ourselves on are our members as a clan is only as good as its clannies.

We try to keep a relaxed atmosphere whilst maintaining order through democratic decisions made by the administrative team as a whole.

We treat the clan as one large event so whenever you want to do a group activity such as a dungeoneering party or a boss group, there will usually be enough like-minded players online to join you. :D

Feel free to add any of our members to see what is happening in chat.

Hope you have fun in our little family :)

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