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# Ironman Clan
1. Be nice with everyone
2. if you died on hardcore ironman and your account got locked you would be kicked of clan.
3. if you become normal player after being ironman you would be kicked of clan.
if you are normal player or ironman wants to join please guest the clan and any Serg+ would invite you, if iFe isn't online.

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Ironcatbane Ironcatbane Owner
bogsátheádog bogsátheádog Deputy Owner
[#82R2XR0MN] [#82R2XR0MN] Coordinator
Logd Logd General
Sarah Palin Sarah Palin General
Rnimdasoe Rnimdasoe General
Rammakiki Rammakiki Lieutenant
Capt America Capt America Lieutenant
Scaryjoin Scaryjoin Sergeant
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iFe Ranks 04-Jan-2015 12:12
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