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Welcome to Fellowshp of Friends!!!

This clan was created by Thirstystone, Buddathebat and Dad of Mark.  The clan has been active since 09 January 2014.

Our main goal in the clan is to create a place where people can relax and enjoy the company of other adults while playing Runescape.

We do events and have a citadel where people can work.  We encourage members to take part in events and work at the citadel, but there are no mandatory requirements.

For more information about the clan please visit our forums.

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Thirstystone Thirstystone Owner
DadáOfáMark DadáOfáMark Deputy Owner
Buddathebat Buddathebat Deputy Owner
LoftyáLady LoftyáLady Overseer
LackOfTrades LackOfTrades Overseer
CountáSnappy CountáSnappy Overseer
Aenimate Aenimate General
sammyslay sammyslay General
Macleody Macleody General
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