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The spirit of FishyFighters lives on in the members that remain in 2015.
Some of us have gone to old school whilst others remain in rs3.
It would not be true to say we are now an active group but I hope all who were members, and  those who remember us, recognise we were a truly unique clan.

For the record
We were a group of mature rs players who enjoyed each others company as friends and had our best times as a very  well disciplined and winning RR PK team. I built the clan on honour and mutual respect both internally and with our competitors and it served us well during our time. Most of all we set out to enjoy our rs without all the politics,drama and normal nonsense you can get from hard driven clans.
Our roots were in pure F2P, but in our later times grew stronger with P2P  members who joined us .
The 3 founders of Lord Max72, Bittor22 and myself are very proud of our achievements  and thank all officers and members for their help and support.

Carpe Diem


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