Gears of Chaos

Gears of Chaos

"The Citadel has opened! The gears turn again! Join us and form new friendships!"

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Welcome to the official Gears Of Chaos clan page, when I started this clan over 20 years ago, never did I imagine I would be returning years and years later to reform and reboot.

2022 is a new year for our clan, with a new flag, new members and a brand new plan to make this clan bigger, better and more enjoyable to be a part of than ever!

==Who are we? ==
A social clan, mainly we enjoy each others company and exchange tips and tricks for runescape!  I have an initial plan to recruit and re-open the clan citadel and look for keen new recruits to help with recruiting and leading. Want to join? check our recruitment post using the links above.

I have big plans for the Gears Of Chaos and believe that the members make the clan. I want everyone involved.

Look forward to welcoming our new members and beginning a new era together.


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FrazDaz90 FrazDaz90 Deputy Owner
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Jarreki Jarreki Corporal
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TaLLenTTzZ TaLLenTTzZ Recruit
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Clan event - Clan Resource Gathering 201 25-Jan-22 17:30
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