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Get Maxed

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Welcome to Get Maxed!
Get Maxed is a Skilling clan on World 42.
For more Information, Please Read the General Information Forum.

*Warning* This Clan does have people that troll and swear, If you are unable to handle that this isn't the clan for you.

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Top Clanmates

Salt Salt Owner
Birdland Birdland Deputy Owner
Summ3r Summ3r Deputy Owner
CaptaináCody CaptaináCody Deputy Owner
CodysáEgo CodysáEgo Overseer
TzáMattáxD TzáMattáxD Admin
RobáVIII RobáVIII General
robin G hood robin G hood General
Kamesennin Kamesennin General
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Forum Posts
Author Thread Title Date
SegaáJr Runelabs: - The Sacred Sages - 02-Feb-2015 12:33
SegaáJr - General Information - 21-Dec-2014 03:08
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