Ginger Biscuits

Ginger Biscuits

"Praise the sun!"

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Welcome to Crazy Loyal! :D
Our clan is proud to centre ourselves around the input from our members. We welcome criticism and constructive feedback!
Clan Owners:
RaageQuiit - Joe
CarlsDarwin - Carl

Air Tap - Stephen
O we n - Owen

HyperIntake - Kelly
ManduhPanduh - Mandy

High ranks will be awarded to those deserving of such ranks.
(Players can apply to owners or deputies in game, or be nominated for the role.)

Enjoy your time with us, we are a great group. There is always someone online to talk to.

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Morgasms Morgasms Owner
Gora Smirt Gora Smirt Deputy Owner
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Clan event 139 12-Jun-14 12:00
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