Gods Dragons

Gods Dragons

"As God calls upon all Dragons, HELL trembles in fear as they approach...."

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Once weak amongst the sky but now a powerful force to be reconed with, we have united and risen from the darkest of ashes and the deepest of Realms. Embedded with its wrath and more powerful then all that have fallen we come to rule and conquer all those of the weakened but once called mortal!
Trustworthy and loyal to those who fight along-side us we strive to
bring the force out of the light and show the way and true meaning to
 all that have been blinded by the filth that has empowered their
weakened minds and heart. We leave none astray no matter if death is the
 option for we laugh at fear and follow death to its doorstep only to open the door.So if you strive to be mortal then you are that of an pathetic and weakened mind but if you want to be strong and powerful over all then look no further and enter the doors and become that of a true Dragon God.

A new day is dawning.... ( Metaldtktr53's motto)
In great memory and never forgotten Metaldtktr53.....

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