Green Dusk

Green Dusk

"We dont always watch girl cartoons, but when we do we watch My Little Pony"

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When the 4 all powerful gods (also known as superawesomemegabeings or founders for short) were bored, they decided they would do something that would shake the world. They ventured into the dark depths of Runescape, fought mercilessly with the unforgiving King Black Dragon, and dug for days to the pit of Jagex's new Clan Camp... and then decided to recruit a bunch of you lucky people. :D

Our relatively small clan is perfect if you are not looking to dominate the world, but just want a great community, with lots of friendly, funny people to enjoy yourself with. There are a few kittens and hamsters too, be careful of the hamster (He bites, hard). We even have a budding Jedi Knight.

We have events for everyone, no matter what level, some such as the GWD so the higher levels can find an excuse to show off their gear, or things like cabbage bombing for those who don't want to get their boots dirty (although there can be mud in the cabbage fields.)

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B0báDidáIt B0báDidáIt Owner
[#DIA3PH3MD] [#DIA3PH3MD] Overseer
[#BM0AEM3HZ] [#BM0AEM3HZ] Overseer
Carlos0201 Carlos0201 General
MegaáCelebi MegaáCelebi Captain
carrotápea carrotápea Sergeant
Sivi989 Sivi989 Sergeant
Sir EdenCook Sir EdenCook Corporal
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Clan Events
Type Description World Date/Time
Clan event - Clan Resource Gathering 71 07-Mar-12 21:00
Forum Posts
Author Thread Title Date
XarieáZaide The League of Dusk 07-Dec-2011 10:20
Callumá2a The Battle of Ambush Rock 20-Aug-2011 12:53
Dwape Event Sticky: READ 14-Aug-2011 12:57
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