"Just A Figment Of Your Imagination"

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Welcome to Tool Academy!

We are a social community clan based in w139, helping one another, building friendships and having fun is what we are all about :)

New or returning players are very welcome to join us.
Guests are welcome, we have an active Discord server which is open to everybody.

Join us today!!

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Top Clanmates

MaceáVVindu MaceáVVindu Owner
current_ba current_ba Sergeant
BM8 BM8 Sergeant
LeBeez LeBeez Corporal
Pavlo Pavlo Corporal
3áXáPáEáLáL 3áXáPáEáLáL Corporal
Kalbaan Kalbaan Corporal
Wizpa Wizpa Corporal
TootyáDog TootyáDog Corporal
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Type Description World Date/Time
PvM 139 22-Jun-18 20:00
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