Heavens Ascent

Heavens Ascent

"New Clan|Social|1800 Total lvl|Mature|Bossing*Skilling"

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Heaven's Ascent is a new clan with the purpose of bringing people together as a whole, as well as working together to become the #1 community on all of RuneScape. Now I know that won't come easy but I Ao Shun won't give up on making this dream a reality no matter how long it may take. We will be doing a bit of everything as I have no plans on limiting the future of this clan to one specific aspect of the game. After all don't we all play this game to have fun? So if that's the case i'd like to bring everyone together and play the game as a whole just like I wish the community to be as a whole. I hope you all feel the same way, although i'm sure at least some of you feel the same way I do . So please feel free to guest for awhile and see how it is and hopefully you join us make this game great again :D

Requirements to join:
    - 2000+ total level
    - 92 prayer, 96 herblore aren't required but may be useful for bossing events we
      may have in the future.

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Dragos Omega Dragos Omega Owner
Stuntman336 Stuntman336 Overseer
FishyáSezer FishyáSezer Sergeant
Ao Shun 92 Ao Shun 92 Corporal
Tekion Six Tekion Six Corporal
Beeplebopper Beeplebopper Corporal
Folenator Folenator Recruit
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AoáShun Heaven's Ascent Recruiting 25-Sep-2018 19:24
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