House Do Urdn

House Do Urdn

"When the rich wage war, it's the poor that die"

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Welcome to House Do Urdn! This clan is open to all Roleplayers, PVMers, PVPers, Skillers, Questers, etc. We have but 1 main goal and that is to see that everyone who joins us succeeds in their journey whatever it may be. We are here to help 100% and do not tolerate any negative influences. Citadel work will be required because we are growing as a clan. Will host weekly events to suit everyones needs to make training or pet hunting easier and more exciting! If there are anymore questions you may have just ask one of our admin+ in game and we will have it sorted out very quick! Thank you for giving us a chance and may whatever Runescape God you follow give you strength!

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Sir Branas Sir Branas Captain
UrbanáHawk UrbanáHawk Captain
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Skilling - Any skill 85 22-Sep-16 23:00
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DrizztáUrdn Clan Rules and Regulations 02-Aug-2016 18:57
DrizztáUrdn Ranking System 02-Aug-2016 18:50
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