"Where help is given, conversation is light & friendships are made."

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Hunt is a friendly clan that was created by the player Citadel, and has developed into a thriving community where help is given, conversation is light, and friendships are made.

We host events weekly that range from skilling parties, to PvMing, or even clan meetings. Any rank can start any event at anytime, so feel free to host any event that you would like to start by just announcing it in the clan chat channel.
We aim to create an environment where people can chat with other like-minded mature players and to be able to relax and get all information they need. If you would like to join, please feel free to ask any of the clan mates for an invitation.

Our Home World is 25 and we don't have any requirements other than willingness to follow all clan rules to be able to join the fun at Hunt!

For more information, please visit our forum thread (QFC:290-291-979-65718309).

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Xanttu Xanttu Admin
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Beis Beis General
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