Immortal Endeavors

Immortal Endeavors

"We rise from the ashes, we will prevail!"

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Immortal Endeavors is a easy going, laid back, like to have fun kind of clan.  We are looking for members who will cap each week.  Our citadel is currently a T4, but we are looking to grow.  We currently have woodcutting, mining, and smelting plots to cap on.  Our keep has a dance floor as well if you just want to kick back and enjoy some grooves.

We also like to skill and quest in groups, but it is not required.  We are a close bunch who just want to help each other out.

If interested in joining our can, feel free to contact us!  Hope to have you as a member soon!

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Plurp13 Welcome to Immortal Endeavors 21-Aug-2015 06:56
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