Immortal Retribution

Immortal Retribution

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We are a fun, outgoing community focused clan that has a core of long standing members.We enjoy clan wars,gwds,and many other events.Find us in game and if you like what you see join up today!We will be active in the new ranked clan wars.

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Timar22 Timar22 Owner
VileáVexx VileáVexx Deputy Owner
BáBoyáRock BáBoyáRock Overseer
[#IS0XL32CT] [#IS0XL32CT] Admin
AFG_ZN34z4B AFG_ZN34z4B Admin
SolidáYeti SolidáYeti General
[#ZYAD35HZJ] [#ZYAD35HZJ] General
UnseenáEvil UnseenáEvil General
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Type Description World Date/Time
PvM - Boss 116 16-Dec-11 00:00
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