Immortal legends 69

Immortal legends 69

"Pvm/Pvp/Social/Skilling Clan!"

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.                                      .::: Immortal Legends 69 :::..

                                         135+ CB & 2200+ Total

We are a group of active Runescapers who enjoy PvM; KK, Nex, Vorago, Corp, GWD, arax, PKing, Staking, Warbands. Events are hosted by the clan members, for the clan members, at any time.
Clan events are not mandatory, but highly recommended if you can attend. Ranking up is easy for dedicated clannies!
We have a teamspeak server for all of our events! So expect the best communication with the best PvMer's and PKer's.

For all the dedicated cappers we have a tier 7 clan citadel! We are currently working for a clan citadel pet dragon.
Fealty 3 cappers will get access to 100m+ drop parties! Our leaders enjoy
rewarding loyalty and respect for the clan and it's clan mates!

Feel free to join our clan chat anytime you want and become an immortal legend!

                             join "Immortal Legends 69" cc for any questions!

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MintáSlice MintáSlice Admin
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WackyáWillie Immortal Legends 69 200/2200+ 14-Jul-2014 15:43
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