"Inspire to aspire"

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Welcome to Incision!

"Striving to Inspire players, whilst Celebrating and Promoting Diversity."

Join Requirements: 125+ Combat and 2,200+ Total Level (Flexible)

PvM Event Requirements: Host dependent however absolute minimum for official *mass* events is T70+

§ Weekly Bossing
* Skilling
§ Community Events
§ Weekly and Monthly Competitions
§ DXPW Competitions & Giveaways

We have:
§ Tier 7 Citadel with Clan Dragon [Capping not mandatory]
§ Discord Server (Guests Welcome)
§ Extremely supportive community

Recruitment Forum QFC:  92-93-527-66088463


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Deflect†Weeb ~Completed Clan Events!~ 16-Jun-2016 21:29
Pavos Incision Bossing High Scores! 21-May-2016 21:25
Pavos Group Bossing Roles! 20-May-2016 01:13
Pavos ~Upcoming Clan Events!~ 13-May-2016 21:33
Pavos Useful Friend's Chats 06-May-2016 03:05
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