Infamous Mercenarys

Infamous Mercenarys

"welcome to our clan, Join us for bossing, skilling and make millions of gp "

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Rules:  Clan Loyalty, Honesty, NO SCAMMING, Cursing is allowed when someone is disturbing you (Only)  Main observations of us.. We are a Members/nonmembers clan anyone is welcome just has to be over level 70 to take on higher ranks, We do bossing just type in the clan chat and ask if someone will go along, if theres any questions message your* fellow members including me HoYt. Thanks for Reading

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razorbronc69 razorbronc69 Owner
vDarkk vDarkk General
WesJackson WesJackson Sergeant
CpnáSpooks CpnáSpooks Corporal
22áSavagee 22áSavagee Recruit
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