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We're Ingenious founded: 13/01/2016.

We are established easy-going clan focused on creating a community like atmosphere and generally having a good time with each other, no matter your rank/age/skills as long as you're not a complete tool, you're welcome here.

Some of the things that we can offer:
-Weekly events and bossing masses
-Range of help and tips from experienced players.
-Friendly and active cc
-No capping requirements
-Independent forums/website.
-Promise that if clan chat ever gets overly active/spammy recruiting will be closed.

Want to join? Want to guest? Want to just throw random abuse at us?
Pm one of the below in game.

Bound 2 Fail, Itz Marc, xPyrr, Halodixie

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ItzáMarc ItzáMarc Deputy Owner
SilvaáMD SilvaáMD Deputy Owner
RebeláSky RebeláSky Deputy Owner
scheetjes scheetjes Overseer
Veginite Veginite Overseer
GrandáDeity GrandáDeity Overseer
RSáTaylor RSáTaylor Overseer
Halodixie Halodixie Coordinator
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