"It's not about the destination, but the Journey."

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Journey with us as we discover our own path and reap the true benefits of life & 'Scape. Becoming attached to a clan full of interesting, determined & creative people along the Journey is something we aim to deliver.

We are a free to play clan and our homeworld is world 3.

There are no requirements to join the Journey. In order to advance and become a 'full member' you need 1000+ overall level. Those who don't meet the requirements are more than welcome to stay in the clan until they achieve them. Slight lenience's towards skiller & Ironmen/women account reqs.

Are you respectful, friendly, engaging, wanting to meet players from around the globe, creative, a contributor &  helpful? Journey may just be what you are searching for! We are a social & community based, all inclusive clan.

We welcome anyone that desires to join, however you must follow all RuneScape rules both in-game and on the forums.

Twitter: @JourneyClan

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Poly Poly Owner
PoppinScarf PoppinScarf Corporal
Ceroshiro Ceroshiro Corporal
eddyturks eddyturks Corporal
JinxerJames JinxerJames Corporal
BillTrill BillTrill Corporal
L0stShadow L0stShadow Corporal
12áLicháIce 12áLicháIce Recruit
PvMáJackB PvMáJackB Recruit
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Clan event - Citadel Reset 134 15-Feb-16 11:00
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Poly Welcome! - Forum Information 08-Mar-2017 23:42
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