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Kia Kaha

"Kia Kaha is Maori for "Be Strong""

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•–•*”*•›„ Kia Kaha „‹•*”*•–•

Kia Kaha is a diverse community-based clan, accommodating a wide range of play styles.
From skill competitions to boss hunting, to just gathering, our events are designed to improve our player community, encourage teamwork and just have fun!

For further details: QFC: 288-289-170-66118388

Membership Requirements:
• Be a mature player.
• Minimum 1500 Total levels.

Clan Ranks:
• Aside from the administrative team, all clanmates begin as recruit and will work their way up.

Clan Chat Rules:
• No scamming.
• No bad language.
• No spamming.
• No drama or arguments.
• No Jagex/Runescape bashing.
• Respect each other, visitors, and other clans.
• No personal attacks on nationality, race, religion, age, gender, partner orientation. If in doubt, don't say it.

• Please PM an Administrator rank or above to be recruited or ask in CC.
• Guests are always welcomed!

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Green098 Green098 Owner
ZipL ZipL Deputy Owner
Oluseye1 Oluseye1 Deputy Owner
1 of us 1 of us Deputy Owner
Veo Veo Deputy Owner
Cheesey1120 Cheesey1120 Deputy Owner
Pasta Pasta Overseer
The Matt The Matt Overseer
Snick Snick Overseer
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ZipL Welcome To Kia Kaha! 04-Mar-2021 05:03
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