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Greetings from the leadership of Kill, a PvM clan. If you're reading this, then you're likely looking for information about the clan to see if it would be a fit for you, right? No? Well, I'll tell you anyways.

Kill started off as a Help/Support clan meant to keep new and returning players in Runescape. It was an admirable and noble goal, however we found that once a player became situated with the game, they no longer saw interest in the clan and left. Thus, our attention has now shifted towards bossing. While we're still accepting all applicants, there is currently leadership discussion about implementing requirements in order to join. ANYONE IN THE CLAN BEFORE REQUIREMENTS ARE ESTABLISHED ARE SAFE TO STAY!

Overall, there are three main rules to follow:
1) Follow all Runescape Rules (and don't promote doing otherwise).
2) Don't attack your clanmates, whether verbally or in the Wilderness.
3) Visit the citadel every week. Contributing is appreciated but unnecessary.

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PvM - Boss 16 15-Jan-17 10:00
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