Kindred Souls

Kindred Souls

"we all help each other and have fun together "

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                                      Welcome to  -*- Kindred Souls -*-
 Good friends are like stars, you don’t always see them, but you know they are always there.

Players of any level and skill are welcome in Kindred Souls.

We are a mature, social friendly PVE clan, we don’t like conflict, we like to become more of a family related community, which helps and supports one another through questing, skilling, raiding and bossing, to have fun while playing.

We like to take part in all aspects of the game including mini games, d&d’s and citadel.

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Jim6942 Jim6942 Coordinator
Minbori Minbori Organiser
pure own pure own Organiser
Ger Parisi Ger Parisi Admin
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Jimbobaway Jimbobaway Admin
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Clan event 200 20-May-17 21:00
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