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KoA is a clan specifically catering to the adults who play RuneScape. Believe it or not, there are many of us. Most adults are fairly quiet in-game. KoA gives you the opportunity to take part in a variety of events that can only really be done in a group situation. It also gives you a great chance to meet and socialize with other adults who play RuneScape. Whether you want to get advice, take part in events, or just meet some fellow adult players, KoA is the place to be. We don't have the usual drama and issues that many clans suffer. We have very low activity requirements because we understand, as adults, we all have busy schedules. Sometimes this will mean very little time for RS, at other times it may be the opposite. Despite our relaxed activity requirements we are very active and we believe, partly due to our entry requirements, are the most active adult clan on RuneScape.
— Deep Pain (Clan Founder)

To learn more, please contact a staff member (Admin rank or above) in-game.

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