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Knights of Honour

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Essentially, The Knights of Honour is an organized group of like individuals who take pride in being kind, helpful, conscientious, law-abiding RuneScape citizens. We sincerely uphold the values of chivalry, honour and charity. We believe in fair gameplay and do not tolerate dishonesty or cheating of any kind. We believe that the experience levels we achieve are rightfully and honourably earned, being a reflection of our own honest hard work and not as a result of taking short cuts or cheating. Our members' behaviour is consistent in this regard.

We strive to have our characters behave in a fashion that makes them become part of the game. Newcomers (newbs or noobs) are welcomed and we make every effort to help them to learn how to "make a living" within the world of RuneScape. We do not think of ourselves as superior or "too good for noobs", as as we are mature enough to remember the good experiences we've had with kind, helpful, more experienced players.

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UncleáDano UncleáDano Owner
Brimmk Brimmk Deputy Owner
[#KXM0NNAWP] [#KXM0NNAWP] Lieutenant
MisteráGryph MisteráGryph Sergeant
KnightáNagol KnightáNagol Corporal
[#5PE7F2YUC] [#5PE7F2YUC] Recruit
Sirnovicem Sirnovicem Recruit
twingaze1281 twingaze1281 Recruit
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UncleáDano Hail, the Knights of Honour 15-Apr-2011 14:04
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