Knights of Nightmare

Knights of Nightmare

"As the Night comes, We come out to Hunt. Night has no Fear, We have no Fear!"

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*This is the rules page of "Knights of Nightmare", it is not mandatory to read them, all rules are made by Admin rank+"


 1.) There is no antagonization of any clan-mates
 2.) If a problem arises, dont add to the chaos by telling people to "shut up" or "calm down", this simply makes it worse, let the admins do their job
 3.) There is Absolutely no racism, or any chat of a prestigious manner
 4.) No spamming
 5.) No repeated begging
 6.) No accusations
 7.) No breaking runescape laws in clan chat
 8.) Please do not add people unless you ask
 9.) You must recruit 5 people in to the clan to rank

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Gathering 30 19-Oct-11 23:00
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