Lazy Potatoes

Lazy Potatoes

"Cabbage is not savage"

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Here's what you need to know about us:
• No requirements.
• Homeworld 99
• 150+ active players! To prevent inflating our numbers, if you do not gain any xp for 3 months, you are in danger of being kicked. Though for some, we wait a little longer.
• Max tier citadel. We hold a weekly 5-10M raffle for everyone who caps
• Very active Discord server.
• Always at least one event every month with prizes, along with a monthly raffle for a bond based on activity.
• There are very few chat restrictions in this clan. LET YOUR CRAZY MOUTH RUN FREE! Just don't bully the other members.

Our ranking system is based on activity points. You earn these by doing things like gaining xp, capping, inviting new recruits, and participating/hosting events! Don't worry, it's all tracked for you and optional.
Admin+ is discussed among other high ranking members.

Many have said this clan gets them back into the game! Lazy Potatoes is the place to be for a laid back, fun time gaming :)

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