Leaders Of RS

Leaders Of RS

"Deze clan zal even lang bestaan als runescape! BE/nl Clan 69+"

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we zijn de sterkste groep meer spelers= sterker+ meer fun

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WouterOfRs WouterOfRs Owner
[#SSZLWI8TD] [#SSZLWI8TD] Deputy Owner
braveáheartz braveáheartz General
[#3B1NHB0J5] [#3B1NHB0J5] General
Lizyy Lizyy General
IamPr0rAnGe IamPr0rAnGe General
LegateRobat LegateRobat General
BigáCat105 BigáCat105 Captain
Zupaaa Zupaaa Captain
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Type Description World Date/Time
Party 56 31-Dec-14 23:30
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