Legends Conglomerate

Legends Conglomerate

"Legends Conglomerate, where legends meet. Requirements : 2000+ total"

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Legends Conglomerate is a legendary clan.  This clan has a lively atmosphere and many great accomplished players who help each other out.

We are looking for people with respectable total levels.  Also, all members are required to follow the clan rules.  It would be worth it to read our clan forum post and our thread in official RS forums.  Quick find code: 87-88-823-64059524

For any other further inquiries or questions, you are welcome to pop in our clan chat as a guest and ask.

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Goldennn Goldennn Owner
Zakalwai Zakalwai Lieutenant
Gazing Gazing Lieutenant
Pionex Pionex Sergeant
Mcbloodhunt Mcbloodhunt Recruit
Herman Herman Recruit
Hybridding Hybridding Recruit
MáIáCáHá0 MáIáCáHá0 Recruit
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Icely Legends Conglomerate 21-May-2013 18:22
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