Lollys Pinklets

Lollys Pinklets

"Where Skilling and Friends Gather!"

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Our clan is about being friendly, helping each other in the clans community, being treated with respect and made equal to anyone else in the clan, we are all one big family.

Our clan is peaceful, full of friendly people who are willing to help you as much as they can, by giving tips and great advice to help you in the game and most importantly help you have fun skilling!

Anyone is welcome in our clan, simply just ask and someone will meet you somewhere to add you in the clan, we will welcome you and make you feel comfortable. :)

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Lollypopx2 Lollypopx2 Owner
Lvtffy Lvtffy Deputy Owner
Kingduffy Kingduffy Deputy Owner
Rygorn Rygorn Overseer
AdranáScyth AdranáScyth Coordinator
CandyáK CandyáK Coordinator
Gold7598 Gold7598 Coordinator
Jonnytwotone Jonnytwotone Coordinator
Jzimmy Jzimmy Coordinator
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