Lords of Fury

Lords of Fury

"110+ | Daily Events | QFC: 92-93-359-65753656"

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We are a well established clan, always looking for new members to join us on our hunt for friendships, knowledge and adventure!

Lords of Fury is a friendly, social community with a passion for the game. Whether we are hanging out in the Grand Exchange together, taking down the Kalphite King, or going on RotS trips this clan strives to make everyone feel welcome and accepted.

We pride ourselves in having active ranks, elimination of drama and are pleased to say that our clan shows epic leadership, respect and maturity across all levels.

General Information
Ľ 110+ Combat Level
Ľ Forum QFC: 92-93-359-65753656
* Home World: 76
Ľ Timezone: Eastern standard time (EST)
Ľ Event Time: 7:30 PM (23:30)
Ľ Events are LOOTshare and COINshare
Ľ Citadel Tier: 7
Ľ Clan Avatars: 3 (Avie - boy), (Eiva - girl) and (Vaie -girl) All have XP boosts buffs

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Top Clanmates

Wilf Bloke Wilf Bloke Owner
Fire2012 Fire2012 Sergeant
EvoáV3 EvoáV3 Sergeant
Stavers Stavers Sergeant
mtat15 mtat15 Corporal
Joooooolt Joooooolt Corporal
TheáNex TheáNex Corporal
IIáreaper IIáreaper Corporal
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Clan Updates

Clan Events
Type Description World Date/Time
Clan event 76 03-Nov-14 22:30
Forum Posts
Author Thread Title Date
NekkaáNasty Welcome to LoF 20-Jul-2016 05:04
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