"Now is the time to show those who oppose us who rules the realm of Gielinor."

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Honor is the foundation of Lumina*i
For it glows brightest amongst our clan
Though many have fallen before us
We smirk at the adversity and stand.

Together with loyalty to each other
Ours is to support and help persevere
Every skill needed by a sister or brother
Will be borne of efforts others revere.

This bond that we have created will endure
Of this we are most certainly sure
It is due to Loyalty this tie is forged
As other clans, they are self-engorged.

Our history is steeped in great lore
Many ponder and wonder at this
To our ancestors we lend our faith
Great efforts were paid so we could exist.

From times past and Misthalin we have risen
Due to five great eras of strife
The gods ruled three of those kingdoms
Zamorak, Guthix and Saradomin gave life.

Cry havoc if you must this decree
But thru our dedication you will certainly see
The era earthly angels is certainly with us
As those among you address Luminati on bended knee.

- Nas * Magic, Deputy Owner

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