"we went to clan: CHRISTIANS OF RS enter our clan chat :)"

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This Clan was formed by two Christian cousins, we created a family owned & cooperated Clan for anyone to join, all levels are welcome, everyone is ranked at Sargent ranking with the privilege to invite players & start Rated Clan Wars, you can join in on clan events, no sweeps are issued & you will not be kicked if you don't want to participate in on clan events. Members & non-members.

RULES AND REGULATIONS : The Rules And Qualifications Of Our Clan.
╗╗ DECENCY AND RESPECT : Sarcasm Or Disrespect To Others Is Not Allowed.
╗╗ NO SCAMMERS OR BEGGARS : Scamming Of Any Type Is Not Allowed.

We Need More! More active clan members so "you" are invited!

If you would like to Join, enter Clan Chat Maranatha, or message CHRISTs Mike or GUS FOR GOD

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