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Welcome to Maxed!
The requirement to join is to have 99 in all skills, this also includes 99 in any new skill that is released in the future.

For those that do not meet our requirements, you are welcome to guest. But please note that we keep the CC clean and free of all Bad Language, Arguing, Drama, Conflicts and Hot Topics. One warning will be issued.

English is the only language to be used in the CC.
We do not assist with effigies or buy,sell,lend items.
Please don't advertise or recruit in the CC.
Harassment and spamming will not be tolerated.
Do not use quick chat in the clan chat.
New Recruits can locate our clan forum by loading the RS home page, logging in and then hover over the COMMUNITY tab, then onto CLANS.

To apply for access to High Level Forums, go to: Quick find code: 254-255-436-65543568

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Benvil Maxed in OSRS! 17-Sep-2021 03:32
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