Mayhem Makers

Mayhem Makers

"The Best Pure clan to ever grace the game of Runescape. Known for being #1."

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RuneScape's first and last pure clan. We maintain the highest averages among pure clans with the largest and most successful weekend trips of all pure clans.

Jagex Cup Pure Division Champions - 2010

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321fwe43 321fwe43 Owner
13tháR4nger 13tháR4nger Deputy Owner
Korrawi Korrawi Deputy Owner
Ethoxyethaan Ethoxyethaan Deputy Owner
ZeroáGear ZeroáGear Deputy Owner
cKyl3 cKyl3 Overseer
Outlawed Outlawed Overseer
BiigáBear BiigáBear Overseer
Wii Wii Overseer
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Clan Events
Type Description World Date/Time
Skilling - Woodcutting 189 26-Jul-11 23:00
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