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MT is a clan that focuses on putting clan members and guests first. We strive to be a strong and healthy clan first, before worrying about size or XP gains. We're welcoming to all and accepting of skillers, questers, and bossers alike. Do you have a total level of under 1000? Do you own a trimmed comp cape? Either way, you’re completely welcome to join us. No one is excluded from joining in on our fun.

Besides striving to be a healthy and strong clan, we also nurture the best aspects of the RuneScape community. We believe these to be teaching and aiding each other in being the best players and people we can be, as well as being friendly and welcoming to people of all backgrounds and in-game levels. We're always looking for new clannies to join us and help expand on this core belief by teaching bossing, sharing skilling techniques, and giving quest advice, as well as generally being warm and welcoming to fellow clan members and guests in Clan Chat.

QFC: 290-291-197-65663120

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