Method and Madness

Method and Madness

"First 5 people to join tonight gets 500k "

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Come Join our wonderful clan! We have no requirements! From beginniers to experienced players! From mainscape to ironman! You are more than welcome to guest in the clan chat, and test the water!
We are quite social and hope you will meet some great friends in here!
     We have an active discord, simply ask and we can get you in! Enjoy social bossing, skilling, mini games, or a nice chat! Within the clan there are some very helpful individuals, with quite a bit of vertan experience, happy to lend a knowledgable hand.
     If you would like to join, simply PM the owner or a high rank and we will be to you shortly!

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DankáAutism DankáAutism Deputy Owner
AlwaysáMoist AlwaysáMoist Overseer
Pollyanna Pollyanna Coordinator
OsrsáThyself OsrsáThyself Organiser
MajestyáJen MajestyáJen Admin
MiniLeqendz MiniLeqendz Admin
44cali 44cali Admin
AvoidStaker AvoidStaker Admin
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