"As we light a path for others, we naturally light our own way "

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Long Forgotten, Cast Aside, In The Shadow Of The Waning Moon, Those Exiled Will Rise Again............

The Moon Shadow  was cast  on 12th Oct 2012
Mature Social Clan, laid back and friendly
No bootings for occasional players
Discord and Facebook group
Sense of humor is required, having fun is what it's about, All levels Welcome, bossers, skillers & chillers
Q.F.C - :  290-291-91-65921816  - for full info - (please bump)

:Rank =  Xp Gained from joining Moonshadow or Loyalty to the Clan
:Recruit: 0 xp   ~ Corporal: 10m xp
:Sergeant: 25m xp   ~Lieutenant: 75m xp
:Captain: 150m xp   ~ General: 300m xp
Admin+    via voting by Clan members & Keeping  Clan Fealty

We would appreciate just a visit to the Citadel each week,

Thank you,  and please keep to Jagex rules

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Kaeli Kaeli Owner
Thorssen Thorssen Deputy Owner
Plixcel Plixcel Deputy Owner
Tymonek Tymonek Deputy Owner
Cofe Cofe Deputy Owner
CordisáLuna CordisáLuna Overseer
midifry midifry Overseer
Kusz Kusz Coordinator
LanaáWillow LanaáWillow Organiser
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